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Maintenance products

In nature, wood does not need to be cared for in order to stay beautiful. But hardwood floors, which bear being subjected to everything from dinner parties, children's activities and dog paws, benefit from the right care and maintenance.

Soaps and woodcare

TK Floor Soap White
195,00 DKK
TK Intensive Cleaner
195,00 DKK

Wood oils

TK Hard Wax Oil White
395,00 DKK
TK Hard Wax Oil Clear
395,00 DKK


TK Maintenance Package White
595,00 DKK
TK Maintenance Package Clear
595,00 DKK

Professional treatment

How to care for your floor

Clean the floor frequently

You probably already do, but we will still mention it here for the record: Clean the floor continuously. Grains of sand, pebbles or grains can graze and scratch the floor, so vacuum and wash the floor frequently – preferably weekly or as needed.

1. Use the soap that the floor needs

The right floor care and maintenance is essential to maintaining the expression of the wooden floors. That is why we at Trækompagniet have developed our own care series specially adapted to the treatment that our floors have received. You will find all the products here on our website. TK Floor Soap contains a neutral base along with a bit of wax, which cleans your floors and at the same time provides the necessary care. Remember to choose white soap, if you have light floors.


2. Use the right dosage

Quality over quantity also applies here. Always use the recommended dosage of soap, although it may be tempting to add an extra splash of soap.

3. Get good advice for floor care here

If you are in doubt how to best treat your herringbone floor, chevron floor or plank flooring, we have collected some of our good advice for floor care below. You can, for example, read about the importance of cleaning frequently and using the right care products when washing your floors. If it sounds interesting, read more below.

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