Vulcano Dark

Oak Vulcano Dark is a handmade 2-layer solid build on plywood. The floor comes pre-finished with hard wax oil and a brushed surface. The floor is suitable for underfloor heating.

  • Not solid
  • Well suited for floor heating
  • Width 180, 220, 260 mm
  • Thickness 21 mm (Also available in 15 mm)
  • Plank-length falling lengths up to 2400 mm
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“We have an Oak Vulcano Dark plank floor from Trækompagniet, and I could not imagine a better floor than this. Although we have a dog and multiple kids it does not show in the floor. We recommend Trækompagniet to all of our friends.”

Susanne & Peter

Oak Vulcano Dark

Vulcano Dark is one of the first original members of the popular volcano series. The floor has an Outstanding glow with a “colour shade that has seldom been seen before.” All Vulcano floors are handmade and not two planks are alike. The brushed surface gives the floor a robust and rustic look, but not at the expense of the exclusive look.

The floor is suitable being laid on underfloor heating. Trækompagniet offers baseboards and steps with the same treatment – made after measurement. We recommend a glued-down instillation.


2-layered solid build on plywood
Clear hard-wax oil and brushed surface
15 og 20 mm
180, 220 and 260 mm
Falling lengths up to 2400 mm
“Knotty” (Filled knots occur)
Underfloor heating
We recommend glued-down, but the floor can also be laid floating

Construction possibilities

To-lags massiv

Laying variations

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Further inspiration

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Trækompagniets original maintenance products

Trækompagniets own care and maintenance products are especially suitable for caring and maintaining each of our floors. This applies to both flooring soaps containing floor wax for cleaning the floors and also maintenance oil, which gives the floors the unique sturdy finish. It is critical to care and maintain a wooden floor with the fitting care products. This will keep the floor nice and neat for many years to come.

All of our care and maintenance products are available in our web shop. The products will be delivered within 3 weekdays. 

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