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TK Oak Toscana

The feeling of freedom and grandeur

TK Oak Toscana rubs off on your sense of well-being. The floor is divine for large, bright rooms with high ceilings, because it complements the experience of freedom and grandeur – whether the floor is laid as a herringbone floor or a chevron floor. TK Oak Toscana is a handmade 2-layer solid oak floor built on plywood, which has had hard wax oil applied as a protective surface treatment. The layered structure is particularly suitable for underfloor heating.



Laying variations

TK Oak Toscana is available in three different laying patterns. Dimensions vary depending on the pattern.

Plank floor


Plank width
140 / 180 / 220 / 260 mm
100 / 120 mm
100 / 120 / 150 mm
Plank length
800 - 2400 mm
600 / 730 / 1000 mm
520 / 640 / 920 mm
Plank depth
16 / 21 / 30 mm
16 mm
16 mm

Technical information

Raw material top layer European oak
Raw material button layer  Plywood oak
Treatment Hard wax oil
Surface Brushed
Sorting Elegance (Few small knots)
Instillation Fully glued
Edge Beveled

Instillation on underfloor heating

TK Oak Toscana is especially suitable to underfloor heating due to its layered construction. The layers prevent the wood expanding or contracting as a result of changes in humidity and temperature.

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