Oak Salis

Oak Salis Plank floor is build 3-layered and especially well-suited for laying on underfloor heating. The floor is of the highest quality.

  • 3- layered engineered with a 4 mm top-layer
  • Well suited for underfloor heating
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"We got an Oak Salis Plank floor installed from Trækompagniet. It has been a great success. I can gladly recommend it."

Jesper Linde

Oak Salis plank floor is a 3-layered build high quality plank floor which is especially well-suited for underfloor heating. The floor is available in multiple widths, 158, 192, 240 mm. The grading is selectable.

  • Rustic which has many knots and large colour variations
  • Knotty which has a medium grading with a smaller amount of knots
  • Knotless which virtually knotless and very few colour variations


158, 192, 240 mm
15 mm
2000, 2400, 5000 mm

Construction possibilities

Tre-lags plank

Laying variations

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Trækompagniets original maintenance products

Trækompagniets own care and maintenance products are especially suitable for caring and maintaining each of our floors. This applies to both flooring soaps containing floor wax for cleaning the floors and also maintenance oil, which gives the floors the unique sturdy finish. It is critical to care and maintain a wooden floor with the fitting care products. This will keep the floor nice and neat for many years to come.

All of our care and maintenance products are available in our web shop. The products will be delivered within 3 weekdays. 

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