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We know how to lay our floors

When we choose the raw materials and process the solid planks in our own production, we always have the finished floor in mind. For us, it is all tied together in one process – from the choice of trunks until the floor is finished and oozes superiority. 

Only by being part of laying the planks and stakes are we able to guarantee that everything is laid the way it has been created. We think this is important when the floor is going to be there for maybe 100 years.

We are your guarantee for a good result

Meticulousness to the fingertips

Floors may creak and 'warp'. But they are not supposed to! Floors should be as beautiful and quiet as intended. The latter, in all modesty, is our core competence.

For 15 years, Trækompagniet has been the customer's guarantee that subfloors are of as high a quality as the flooring itself, so no surprises creep in after the floor has been laid. The final result will be no better than the foundation on which it is laid.

We have handpicked the best craftsmen

Skilled carpenters. Skilled woodworkers. Skilled floorlayers who are specially trained in the field of glue-down flooring. That is what it takes to lay, sand down and process exclusive wooden floors. So that is what we have.

The assembly process is thus: You say ‘yes, thank you’. We measure up your rooms. You prepare for our arrival. We come as agreed and assemble your wooden floor.

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