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Trækompagniets sildebensgulve er en evig klassiker

There are floor designs that are so well-made and beautiful that they will always be preferred by any discerning homeowner. The herringbone pattern is such a design, encompassing a Nordic nerve and exuding nostalgia. Classic – but certainly not necessarily traditional. Because with the help of Trækompagniet's carpenters and designers in the production, you are able to create in your home exactly the expression that reflects your taste.

Do you want a simple and natural choice? Or how about adding light and additional elegance with a herringbone floor that is finished with white oil as well as hard wax oil and comes with a brushed surface? Stop by our showroom and experience the floor pattern that has been a fixture in manor houses and castles for centuries. 

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Good to know about herringbone floors

A herringbone floor from Trækompagniet is durable, an investment for life and suitable for both large and small rooms. A herringbone floor can be laid as a solid oak herringbone floor or as a a 2-layer solid herringbone parquet (waterproof plywood under oak). If you have underfloor heating, we recommend the 2-layer solid herringbone flooring.

Let your staircase exude exclusivity too

In addition to hardwood floors produced in many different types of wood, we have solid experience with other wooden products for the home. If, for example, you want a staircase in your home that matches your new exclusive hardwood floor, we offer stair solutions based on your wishes and needs. We have two scenarios:

Either you want a brand new staircase that fits naturally with the new floor you have had installed. We've got it! The process is then that we arrive and do our measurements, we produce the stairs and finally we come back and assemble it. We have yet to meet someone who desired a staircase that we could not create.

Or you already have a finished staircase, and you are seeking a new surface treatment to create a connection between staircase and floor. We've got that too! The process is then that we send the staircase to our wood factory, who ensure that all the steps receive the same finish as the floor you have installed. That way, you create harmony in your home. Which scenario can we help you with?


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Vi har en stor passion for træ og har som mål at yde bæredygtige løsninger og opnå tilfredse kunder. Vi tilbyder rådgivning omkring valg af trægulve, lægning af trægulve, vedligeholdelse af trægulve og er med gennem hele processen

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