With a herringbone wooden floor, you get a floor that is both beautiful and timeless, but which is also extremely durable and lasting. We are your guarantor of high quality, which is why we produce most our floors in the collection ourselves. In that way, we guarantee that our floors are of the best quality, and that our customer receive exactly the high-quality herringbone, they have always dreamed of.

Trækompagniet is involved in the entire journey

When you buy a herringbone wooden floor at Trækompagniet, you get a very experienced partner along on your floor journey. We are involved in the entire process, from design and production to when the floor needs to be installed in your home. We believe this gives the best result. Our goal is to deliver sublime solutions and leave the customers 100% satisfied. That's why we're also happy to see how our previous customers review us.

We have over 15 years of experience with wooden floors and specialize in the manufacture and production of them. Therefore, we hope and believe that we can also help you well on your way to your new herringbone floor.

Herringbone collection

Find your new exclusive and elegant herringbone wooden floor here at Trækompagniet. We have a wide selection of beautiful and durable floors of super high quality, which will ensure a nice and inviting look immediately when you enter the room.

Tk Eg Toscana Whalebone
Oak Toscana Whalebone Herringbone
Oak Toscana Herringbone
Massiv Eg Silderben Trækompagniet
Solid Oak Herringbone white oiled
Solid Herringbone
Trækompagniet Eg Vulcano Sildeben
Oak Vulcano Herringbone
Eg Mallorca Sildeben fra Trækompagniet
Oak Mallorca Herringbone
Trækompagniet Eg Vulcano Vintage Sildeben
Oak Vulcano Vintage Herringbone

Also available in a herringbone pattern

All floors below are also available in a herringbone pattern. At Trækompagniet, we produce all our floors from scratch. We offer tailor-made solutions according to your needs.

Oak Toscana Herringbone
Oak Vulcano
Oak Classic

Bring elegance into the home with a herringbone floor

A wooden floor in herringbone, is a true classic - A guarantee of elegance and class. With a herringbone wooden floor, you will be able to feel the patterns extensive history as you step on the elegant boards.

The floor type thus has a great history and has been a fixture on the large mansions and old castles for several centuries. Thus, it is also a sure path to a slightly more extravagant look in the home. Herringbone wooden floors can easily be fitted into both larger and smaller rooms. In the larger spaces, it will contribute to a majestic feeling that exudes greatness. In the slightly smaller rooms, it will also be a nice decorative detail, where you lift the overall impression of the room to completely new heights.

Solid herringbone wooden floors in oak or 2-layer solid construction

When you explore our beautiful herringbone wooden floors, you will quickly discover that you have two options. Either you can choose a solid herringbone wooden floor in oak, or you can go with our herringbone parquet in a 2-layer solid construction. The solid herringbone wooden floors in oak thus come in individual boards, where our 2-layer solid is built on plywood, which lies below the solid top layer.

Our herringbone wooden floors in 2-layer solid construction are a particularly good choice when you want lay the floor on underfloor heating. The layers can better handle the temperature fluctuations which will occur when there is heat in the floor.

Frequently asked questions about herringbone wooden floors

 - How to lay the herringbone wooden floor?
It is neither an easy nor quick solution to lay the herringbone wooden floor yourself. At the same time, it requires experienced craftsmanship. Therefore, it will often be a better solution to hire a competent professional for this.

 - How much does a herringbone wooden floor installation cost?
When you buy a herringbone wooden floor at Trækompagniet, we are a part of the journey all the way from the design to the installation. Laying a floor is a comprehensive process, which is why the price depends on several different aspects.


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