Unique Chevron floors in high quality

Find your new quality Chevron floor here at Trækompagniet. All floors in our selection will light up any room, as well as contribute to a super elegant and luxurious look. On this page you will experience our wide selection of beautiful and modern Chevron floors. Chevron floors, also known as french herringbone, is an old pattern that has really gained traction in recent years, and we can easily understand its popularity. The more distinctive lines of the pattern help to give a more modern, stylish and vibrant look, which will look nice and elegant in every room. The floor thus has an almost magical ability to make the room's furniture light up in a special way, so that the whole room gets a more exclusive look.

Trækompagniet is involved in the entire journey

When you buy a chevron wooden floor at Trækompagniet, you get a very experienced partner along on your floor journey. We are involved in the entire process, from design and production to when the floor needs to be installed in your home. We believe this gives the best result. Our goal is to deliver sublime solutions and leave the customers 100% satisfied. That's why we're also happy to see how our previous customers review us.

We have over 15 years of experience with wooden floors and specialize in the manufacture and production of them. Therefore, we hope and believe that we can also help you well on your way to your new chevron floor.


Chevron sortiment

Find your new exclusive and elegant chevron wooden floor here at Trækompagniet. We have a wide selection of beautiful and durable floors in super high quality, which will ensure a nice and inviting look immediately when you enter the room.

Trækompagniet Eg Toscana Chevron
Oak Toscana Chevron
Trækompagniet Eg Vulcano Fox Chevron
Oak Vulcano Fox Chevron
Eg Mallorca Chevron
Oak Mallorca Chevron

Also available in a chevron pattern


All floors below are also available in a herringbone pattern. At Trækompagniet, we produce all our floors from scratch. We offer tailor-made solutions according to your needs.

Trækompagniet Eg Vulcano Fox
Oak Vulcano Fox
Eg Mallorca
Oak Mallorca XXL
Oak Toscana Herringbone
Massiv Eg Silderben Trækompagniet
Solid Oak Herringbone white oiled
Solid Herringbone
Oak Vulcano
Oak Classic
Oak Vulcano

Chevron in 2-layer solid construction

All the Chevron floors you will find on this page are made in a 2-layer solid construction. This means that the floor is built up in two layers, where the lower layer is made of waterproof plywood, while the upper part consists of oak.

The 2-layer solid construction for Chevron floors is particularly suitable for underfloor heating. If you have a solid wood floor, it will be affected by the large temperature fluctuations that underfloor heating causes.

Trækompagniet has chosen to specialize in the production of 2-layer solidly constructed floors and parquet floors. As a manufacturer, we can control the entire manufacturing process; raw materials, production, surface treatment, packaging, distribution and sales

Ensure proper care of your Chevron floor

Floor care and maintenance is an essential part of maintaining the great look of your chevron floor. Proper care and maintenance helps to ensure that you can enjoy the floors for many years to come.

Fortunately, at Trækompagniet we have our own floor care series, which can help you preserve the exclusive look. Our various products are individually suitable for the treatment that the floors have received. This applies to virtually all products - From floor soap with wax, to the maintenance oil that gives the unique and robust surface.

If you want to read more about how to best care for your floor, we have written this blog post to educate you on the subject.


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