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Choosing the right wooden floor

A wooden floor can have a conclusive importance for how a room is experienced. Therefore, it is important that you choose a wooden floor, that fits your personal taste and convenience. When choosing a wooden floor there are many aspects to consider. Should the floor be engineered or solid, should the floor be suitable for underfloor heating, should the floor be vanished or oiled, and how does that affect the floors look or maintenance circumstances?


At Trækompagniet, a wooden floor is not just a wooden floor. We have over 15 years of experience with wooden floors and specialize in production of exclusive wooden floors. We focus on anything related to real wooden floors, solid and engineered. Wooden floors can be split up into categories of plank floors and parquet floors. A plank floor usually has a width of 10 cm. Plank floors both solid and engineered can vary in widths and lengths, from 10 cm to 40 cm in width and from 50 cm to 10 m in lengths. A parquet floor is typically narrower than 10 cm. A Parquet floor can be laid in variations of patterns such as herringbone pattern, chevron pattern, and mosaic parquet. 

Solid og engineered wooden floors?

Usually solid wooden floors do not suit underfloor heating very well. The reason for that is the constant changing indoor climates and shifting temperatures, which increases the risk of the solid wooden floor bending and moving. This would not be the case for an engineered floor, which multiple layers can move individually and keep the whole plank in place. On cold winters days eg. where the underfloor heating will struggle with keeping the floor heated and the humidity is low, a solid floor will easily dry out. The same applies to warm summer days where the humidity will be substantially high.

A wooden floor isn't just a wooden floor

At Trækompagniet we have chosen to specialize in 2-layered solid parquet- and plank floors. As a manufacturer we can control all aspects of the manufacturing process; raw materials, production, surface treatments, packing, sale and distribution. 


Trækompagniet also has its own montage department, which consists of floor instillation workers with many years of experience with installation of fully glued and floating wooden floors and herringbone pattern together with other special assignments such as staircases and other stair solutions. 

We have a passion for wood and our goal is to grant sustainable solutions to happy costumers. We offer recommendations around choice of wooden floor, instillation, maintenance and are there throughout the whole process. 

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Trækompagniets original maintenance products

Trækompagniets own care and maintenance products are especially suitable for caring and maintaining each of our floors. This applies to both flooring soaps containing floor wax for cleaning the floors and also maintenance oil, which gives the floors the unique sturdy finish. It is critical to care and maintain a wooden floor with the fitting care products. This will keep the floor nice and neat for many years to come.

All of our care and maintenance products are available in our web shop. The products will be delivered within 3 weekdays. 

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